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Bolton Sigil

Bolton is an old faction, one of the original factions founded in Steven_Pinker's server. Its current leader is TheLordMoccasin.


Bolton is a feudalistic monarchy. Recruits are called Peasant; Members are Knights, called Ser; Officers are Lords; and the leader of Bolton is the Red King. The faction is meritocratic, rewarding achievement and loyalty with advancement in privilege and permission.

Bolton is based out of the Dreadfort, a formidable, self-efficient fortress of the North protected by many walls.

Bolton is primarily composed of builders and warriors, who raise cities, castles, and monuments, and make war upon the lowly and unworthy.

Bolton keeps the Old Gods. Its words are "Our Blades are Sharp". Its sigil is a flayed man, red, on pink.

Prominent Members

TheLordMoccasin: Red King and Founder of Bolton

ArbiterOfWhim: Lord of Hindfell and Head of Foreign Affairs

Trinforien: A lord

Sossman: A lord

Kopytko49: A lord

SpaceWardLizard: A knight, called Queen Chameleon

The_Oven: A knight

Shampoo_Bracelet: A knight

Poolb0y: A knight

HughBros: A knight

Aethelwulf: A peasant

Ballsy_McGee: A peasant


Structures, buildings, and other constructions built and/or maintained by Bolton: Dreadfort Edit

The Dreadfort is the stronghold of Bolton, a massive tower extending from the furthest depths to the topmost heights, impervious to explosives and impenetrable to the utmost degree.

Located in the North, the tower was constructed around a Skeleton Dungeon, which has since been converted into a highly efficient grinder. Its lower levels pierce through an Abandoned Mineshaft, thereby providing easy access to several nearby Cave Spider dungeons, as well as a Zombie Dungeon only a trivial distance away. With these, Bolton enriches itself night and day with masterfully crafted and enchanted armor, weaponry, and tools.

The planned tower consists of four layers of defense: an inner Stone Brick wall, an outer self-repairing sand and gravel wall, a fence wall, and the outermost water layer. With these, as well as other inner defenses, the Dreadfort is heavily protected from almost every conceivable form of attack.

The inner Dreadfort consists of very basic levels, 7 meters tall with 3 meters of floor between. These levels are each designed to provide the Dreadfort with both necessities and recreation, and are split into three categories: Subsurface, where the grinders, brewery, enchanting room, and vault is located; Surface, where farms for food and mobs have been set; and Sky, where living quarters and recreational levels are constructed. North Keep: Karhold Edit

The North Keep, officially Karhold, was one of the first keeps created after the Dreadfort was established. Located at Warp North (now Warp N4), it was one of the original constructions in a small settlement known as Northtown (or Autizm). The building was a simple, 1-chunk stone keep, eventually surrounded by a water wall, and was used in its time as a station for Bolton Peasants to live and work out of. Located on the border of the Safezone surrounding the Warp, this location was intended to provide partial protection against invaders, though it proved equally useful in protecting raiders from defender attacks.

After falling into disuse for a time, the keep's inventory was absorbed into the Dreadfort vault, and the claim removed.

South Keep

Something of a mystery, the South Keep was already standing to the West of Warp South (now Warp S4) when it was scouted out. The cobble tower took up a neat 2X2 chunk claim, and used the then-Southern Border as a wall to the South. Abandoned by its maker, Bolton claimed and slightly renovated it, and it became a second locale from which Bolton Peasants could base themselves. West Keep Edit

The West Keep was the first keep claimed after the Dreadfort's foundation, and in fact predates it. Like the South Keep, the West Keep was already built before it was found by Bolton, as a hidden underground base just south-east of Warp West (now Warp W4). The location housed some of the earliest Bolton peasants, several of which became Lords in time; but it was ultimately abandoned after prolonged disuse. The Eyrie Edit Hindfell Edit

Hindfell Stronghold was constructed by ArbiterofWhim as his first major project upon joining the server. The stronghold has a busy history, despite its relatively short lifespan. This can be characterized by the various design phases and attacks conducted upon it.

    Hindfell Mk1:

A suitable location was chosen within the plains of /warp s4, where the land was then excavated and leveled. It was initially constructed as a simple square courtyard with 10m high walls and 13m high cylindrical towers at each corner. The walls were 20m in length, and the towers had a radius of 5m. At this point, Hindfell (which was still unclaimed) was assaulted by Rainms. He was discovered filling one of the towers with TNT, which he lit upon being caught in the act. The explosion resulted in relatively minor damage to the base of one corner tower.

    Hindfell Mk2:

After the damage caused by Rainms was repaired within 10 minutes, construction began on the interior courtyard. In addition to a claimed work hut in the center, the courtyard featured small farms, trees, and a Godswood. There were plans for a central structure in the center of the courtyard to serve as the main keep, but misfortune struck. An unknown attacker destroyed the walls and towers, one block at a time, during ArbiterofWhim's absence. It is still unclear who did it, but given the ongoing conflict between Bolton and theoncomingbacon (aka brewmaster), brewmaster was suspected to be the culprit. Brewmaster has denied all allegations that he carried out the vandalism. Regardless of the who did it, it remains one of the most impressive displays of pure autism in the history of the current server.

    Hindfell Mk3

In light of the complete destruction of Hindfell, ArbiterofWhim decided to seize the opportunity and use it to redesign Hindfell. Dimensions were calculated to make Hindfell much more chunk-efficient. Test builds were made on a private creative world. Hindfell Mk3 fit perfectly into a 3x3 chunk area. The stronghold itself was shaped like a U, with each tip ending in a cylindrical tower. There were four floors in the main section, containing an armory, storage room, library, trophy room, and more. An underground farm level produced every kind of animal and plant. One of the towers was re-purposed into a brewing facility, while the other was converted into living quarters (at least until Akramer89 accidentally burned it all down because he's retarded). Hindfell Mk4 has repelled several attacks, most notably two attacks by Zimtower. The first time, he was caught scaling the water walls to reach the roof and was eliminated by a vigilant ArbiterofWhim. Later on, after grinding over 200 TNT while watching DragonballZ (by his own admission), he constructed a large TNT cannon in front of the castle and attempted to reduce it to rubble. Fortunately he only inflicted minor damage before being cucked by ArbiterofWhim, Lucky_Rookie_99, and Kebitevoke.

    Hindfell Mk4

In light of the attempted raids by Zimtower and his sheer autism that would no doubt lead to further attacks, ArbiterofWhim decided to temporarily abandon his dream of a castle that didn't look like an autismcube from the outside. He used cobble and water to completely encase the castle. Seeking a day when Hindfell could once more proudly display its exterior, ArbiterofWhim began construction on his next project: Hindfell Keep. Hindfell Keep (in progress) Edit

Upon its completion, Hindfell Keep will no doubt become legendary as an impressive feat of pure autism. It is a cold, dark tower of pure obsidian. The tower is 26mx26m in area and countless stories high. It fits within a 2x2 chunk area that has been excavated to the bedrock layer. At its base (bedrock level), it has a vault made of obsidian and bedrock. Each level above this uses stone brick for the ceilings/floors and obsidian for the walls. At a height of 5m per floor, each additional level requires 500 obsidian and 625 stone bricks to complete. Hindfell Keep is, by default, impervious to all methods of attack with the exception of a Wither. Plans have been made to make the tower essentially Wither-proof as well.

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